Sunday, 20 March 2011

2011 - Topic 01:SBI Fotopic Sites

It has been nearly two weeks, and it looks like Fotopic has ceased trading, which also means that the Fotopic sites that are part of SBI - SBI Fotopic, SBI Bus Station Redevelopment Fotopic, and SBI Past Fotopic are no longer available.

There has been no reason for this outage, and if Fotopic have not gone bankrupt, I will not be using their services no longer, as there has been no contact explaining the downtime, and would not like hosting with Fotopic in the future incase this happens again, I would not like to host my pictures with an unreliable website.

It remains to be seen if Fotopic does come back to life, but the Webmaster will be looking at new photo sharing sites in the near future to host his photographs. I will no longer be updating Fotopic, if it does come back to life, until a new photo sharing site becomes available.

There has been talk of a new photo sharing site launching in the next few months,, which looks promising. The webmaster will look at this site when it becomes available to host the picture side of SBI.

The webmaster cannot be responsible for Fotopic issues, as it is beyond my control. If Fotopic does come alive again, the pictures that are currently on those sites will be available to look at, but will not be updated until a new photo sharing website becomes available.

I will keep you updated on the issue of SBI Photographs and the hosting of them, when information becomes available.